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Solar system blog themes U.S. military officials say cyber attack against medical facilities could cost tens of billions of dollars

U.S. military officials say cyber attack against medical facilities could cost tens of billions of dollars

DARPA said Thursday it is working with private-sector and government cybersecurity firms to investigate and mitigate the potential effects of a cyber attack on its medical systems.

The agency’s cyber division has been investigating and mitigating the impact of attacks on its military and civilian networks.

A senior military official told reporters at a press briefing Thursday that the U.N. agency had been in contact with the Department of Homeland Security and Cybersecurity Coordination Office, a federal agency that coordinates the government response to cyber threats.

“We’ve been working closely with DHS and their Cyber Command in the last few weeks to determine how we might mitigate the impact on our military, and what we might do about it,” the official said.

The U.K.-based company Symantec said last week that it is currently working with the U and the U.-S.

government to protect its internal systems.

“In the next few weeks, Symantech is going to start implementing a new, more robust security posture that includes a full set of protections for our internal networks,” the company said in a statement.

Symantec’s chief security officer, Stephen Langan, said in an interview that the company is “absolutely committed to working with our government to mitigate the impacts of this attack on our industry.”

Symantech has faced some criticism for its handling of the breach at the World Health Organization (WHO) that was the largest health-care data breach in history, in which WHO data was stolen.

The breach at WHO also affected U.F.O. workers in the U, Mexico, China, Australia and other countries.

Symantsec said Thursday that its breach at both the U-F.o. and U.W.

O did not compromise health data of other agencies.

“Symantek and its customers are well positioned to continue to be an integral part of our global mission to protect our nation and our world,” the spokesperson said.

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