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The Sport is ready for a full refresh

The iPhone 6s has always been a big seller in China, but it’s only recently that Apple has added a second-generation version to the mix.

The company is hoping to expand its smartphone range with a new Apple Watch model in the coming months.

But when it comes to iPhone 6 Plus models, there is still one major difference between the two models.

The latest model comes with a faster processor and a bigger screen, but there is no headphone jack and no GPS.

Apple also unveiled a new iPhone model with a 3D Touch screen and a larger screen, and it has already been available for some time now.

However, it’s unclear whether the new Apple watch models will be a big success.

The new iPhone 6 model comes in three different colours: gold, blue and rose gold.

Its size is slightly larger than the previous model, and the gold variant has a larger display.

But the biggest difference between these models is the new 3D touch screen.

The bigger screen on the gold model has more pixels, while the rose gold one has smaller pixels.

This new display also has an infrared camera.

In addition, the new iPhone has a 5.5-inch Retina display.

It will be available on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and iPhone 6S on September 30 for China customers.

Meanwhile, Apple is also introducing its new Sport smartwatch with a bigger 5.7-inch display and the ability to use Apple Pay on its side.

It will cost 4,999 yuan (HK$6,999), and it comes with 3G and 4G connectivity.

Apple Watch is coming in two colours: blue and goldThe new Apple smartwatch has a bigger display and a new 3G-and-4G connectivityThe new smartwatch comes with its own wireless charging port and an infrared lensThe new watch comes with two new bands that are available in three colours: silver, gold and rosegoldThe new model comes as a standalone model and does not come with an antennaThe new 3-D Touch display on the new watch is bigger and brighterThe new version of the Apple Watch is available in two new colours: rose gold and silverThe new Watch will cost 9,999, and its price will be increased to 12,999The new Sport model is available for sale on the Apple store for a limited timeOnly Apple Watch models will launch on September 25 in China.

Users in China will be able to order the Apple Sport and the Apple Smartwatch on September 28.

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