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Solar system consulting New mini split system gives a new dimension to tour guide system

New mini split system gives a new dimension to tour guide system

New technology, designed to improve safety and efficiency for tour guides, is coming to tour guides around the world.

The new system, developed by a company called Advanced Systems Inc., was recently presented at a conference by the International Tour Guide Association in London.

The system is based on the company’s Mini Split System, which is a single, self-contained device that can be used to guide a tour.

It was introduced in 2009 and has become a standard tool for guiding tour groups.

The tour guides in the demo system were given instructions to navigate through the system in a manner that they could control, which was a first for the tour industry.

While it is still a work in progress, the system can be more precise and efficient than the current systems.

It’s also cheaper, so tour groups will be able to hire it as their primary system for the next few years.

It is designed to provide tour guides with more information in a single area, so it’s easy to navigate around the tour guide and to ensure that they are getting the most out of the tour.

It’s also designed to be flexible enough to be used by a variety of tour groups, which could be an advantage for a company looking to expand the number of tours it can offer.

“When you go on a tour, you have to make decisions and you have the opportunity to do that on a level that’s not easy for everybody,” said Alex Catt, director of marketing at Advanced Systems.

“The Mini Split system allows us to be able, for the first time, to make those decisions and to make the tour guides as effective as possible.”

In a survey, Advanced Systems said about two-thirds of tour guides say they’d prefer to have the same level of safety and security that they had before the introduction of the Mini Split.

The technology is being used by several tour operators and is being tested in Japan and India.

According to the company, the Mini Splits technology is not a replacement for a tour guide, but instead allows tour guides to operate more efficiently and safely.

This is important because some tour groups are already struggling with the costs of maintaining a staff of 30 tour guides.

It is hoped the system will help those groups as well.

Tour guides said that while the system is a bit more expensive, it is much more reliable than what they had previously used.

Tour guide Ben Janssen said that it was much more cost effective for him to work with the Mini split system and he didn’t have to take the tour with him on any of his trips.

He said that he did use the Mini splits on the most important parts of the journey, like the bathroom and the kitchen.

He also said that the system helped him understand the tour operator and the tour group’s expectations more clearly.

According the company it is a safe and effective system.

It has been used on tour groups around the globe and is now being used in India, Japan, South Africa, and other parts of Asia.

The company hopes that it will be adopted by tour operators in the next couple of years and that it can be widely adopted throughout the tour business.

“I think it will eventually become an industry standard for all tour operators,” Catt said.

“In my experience with the system, it’s not only the best technology but also the most cost effective.

I think this is the most promising technology to date and I hope it will lead to more efficient, safer, and more effective tour guides.”

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