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How to fix Android’s arc system and turn it into a home screen widget

The arc system was a huge problem for Android.

It had to be the first thing you saw when you opened up the home screen and it needed to be displayed in the top left corner of the screen.

I’ve written about this before, so I won’t rehash it here.

The problem is that Android’s home screen has been a mess since it was first released, and it was a big reason why users could never get the system to work correctly.

This is where Android’s native app drawer works to solve this problem.

Instead of being an icon in the bottom left corner, it is a menu.

This menu is where you can choose to install an app or to launch it, or both.

If you’ve ever had to swipe from the bottom of your home screen to open a new app, then you know how confusing this menu is.

There’s an easy fix for this: install a third party app drawer widget.

This works by showing an icon next to the home button and asking users to choose an app they want to install.

Android provides an API for third party apps to make use of this.

It’s called arc system, and this API allows developers to implement their own widget system that is similar to Android’s system.

This is why this feature works for Android, but not for other Android devices.

Now, let’s go through how to implement the widget system in Arc.

Let’s take a look at what it looks like in action.


Open up the Arc app.


Scroll to the bottom and select ‘arc system’.

This is where we can install a widget system.

It has three tabs: ‘arc’ is the system icon, and the option to install a new widget. 

The ‘Arc’ icon in Android’s homescreen is a circular icon. 

In the bottom right corner is the ‘Install new widget’ button. 

If you select this option, it will open up a dialog box where you select an app you want to run.

You can also select an icon that will appear in the app drawer for the app.

If the app you select is a native app, you’ll get a pop-up menu asking if you want the app to be installed in the home page or in the ‘app drawer’. 

If it’s a third-party app, it’s probably best to install it in the system app drawer. 

Once you’ve selected the app, scroll down and select the ‘Arc System’ option.


If everything is ready, you can start adding widgets.

If your app is not yet installed, select the app icon in your homescreen and tap the icon to install the app in the homescreen.

This will install the newly installed app and take you to the ‘Apps’ page.


Tap the ‘add widget’ icon next the icon for the new app.

Select a widget from the list and tap ‘Add’. 

When the new widget is installed, you will see an icon with a circle next to it.

Tap this to open up the ‘App Drawer’ tab. 

You can add as many widgets as you want, or select an existing widget.

When you are done, you should be able to swipe back to the homescreens ‘Arc system’ and ‘Arc drawer’.


Tap on the ‘install’ button to begin adding the new widgets.


Tap ‘Finish’ to close the app and exit the Arc system window.


Now you should see the widget in the new home screen.


Now that the widget is ready to go, we can use it in other ways.

In the future, we may be able and even recommend some of the widgets for the home screens.

Here are some examples of what you could do with them: 1, Add a notification bar to the top of your homescreen.

This can look something like this:

2, Add an app icon to the navigation bar on the home bar.

This could look something as follows:

 3, Add some sort of a notification area on the right side of the home, for example: home Home  This could look like this, if you’re following along: Home

<div class="" class="button icon-btn

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