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How to find the best health care options for women

More than a dozen states have passed measures requiring employers to cover contraception and sterilization.

Some, like Colorado, have also passed laws requiring insurance companies to cover abortion services.

But a few states are taking a step back, allowing women to choose the kind of coverage they want.

Here are the best options available.

States with laws that mandate insurance coverage of birth control include:Arizona : Under a bill signed into law by Gov.

Doug Ducey, women who use birth control to control unintended pregnancies will be able to receive up to $10,000 in free contraception for the first three years of coverage.

The state also requires insurance companies not to charge the women more than the cost of contraception.

It also provides free counseling for women seeking abortions, and allows for up to a $5,000 deductible for those who have had an abortion.

The bill also requires health care providers to provide free birth control services to their patients.

Bakersfield, Calif.: Under a new law signed into effect on Dec. 10, women can receive up “free, comprehensive, life-saving contraceptive care, including birth control, during the first 12 months of coverage.”

The state provides counseling and birth control counseling, and the state provides up to 10 free STD testing appointments a month.

The law also requires that employers offer birth control coverage for up at least five years.

Colorado : The state’s law includes a provision requiring insurance carriers not to discriminate against women based on their reproductive health.

Under the new law, insurers will be required to offer women coverage for birth control and sterilizations, including abortion services, in the first year of coverage for those covered under the law.

Women who use contraceptives to prevent unintended pregnancies and who have received no birth control should also be eligible for coverage for contraception coverage for three years.

In 2016, the state’s insurance commissioner, Dr. Kevin Roberts, issued an executive order to encourage insurers to provide contraception coverage to women who have abortions.

He wrote in an email to the Associated Press: “This includes women who seek an abortion and/or who have a high-risk pregnancy and who need contraception coverage in order to have a safe, legal, and healthy pregnancy.”

He wrote that women who received birth control could be covered for up the first two years, but that they would need to renew coverage in three years or pay a $100 co-pay.

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