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Solar system consulting How ‘the system shock’ caused the shock of Brexit vote

How ‘the system shock’ caused the shock of Brexit vote

A system shock has caused the political shock that has seen Brexit voters abandon traditional voting systems in favour of online voting, a new study suggests.

The study, published in the journal Politics, finds that the system shock led to a massive shift in support for the Brexit cause in the run-up to the referendum.

More than two thirds of those who backed Brexit did so because of the system’s “system shock”, which prompted people to question the political process, the researchers said.

“What we found was that this system shock actually gave people the opportunity to vote for the change they wanted,” said Professor John Curtice, the lead author of the study and a researcher at the University of Leeds.

When people were asked how they would vote in a general election if the result of the referendum was different to what they voted in the previous election, the majority of people in the UK would vote for Brexit.

But when the system was changed, the number of people who said they would support Brexit dropped dramatically.

In the UK, about half of the people who voted in favour said they supported Brexit after the system change.

In the UK the figure was around a third.

And the system had a big impact on the vote.

About four out of 10 people who would have voted for Brexit before the system changed voted to leave the EU in favour.

Professor Curtice said the “system-shock” argument was based on a number of flawed assumptions.

He said he hoped his study would inspire other academics to think critically about the issue and give a better understanding of how people voted in their local elections.

“People may not like it but they have an obligation to vote on this,” Professor Curtice told BBC News.

People are voting for what they want.

But if they do not have the data to do that, they can’t see what they are voting on.

It is very hard for people to look at the data and to understand how people are voting and that’s really what this paper is about.

“Professor John Curtace and his team at Leeds University have looked at the views of 3,400 people in England and Wales about their own vote in the EU referendum.

They say this information could be used to build a better picture of the scale of the change and what people would do if they lost their vote.

‘The system shock was the big factor’ Professor Curtis, who was not involved in the research, said: “It is important to note that this was a general elections that saw an unprecedented turnout of voters, with a huge majority of voters voting Remain.

There is a very clear difference between those who voted Leave and those who abstained.

“If people were told that Brexit was a bad thing they would have been more likely to vote Remain, and that was the case with those who said Brexit was bad.”

But it was the system-shock that changed that.

As the system became more entrenched, people who thought Brexit was good became more willing to vote Leave, even though they had no way of knowing what Brexit would look like.

“Professor Curtis said people would not be surprised to find that people who were not enthusiastic about the idea of a change to the voting system did not vote in higher numbers in the general election.”

What you will see is a huge drop in support of the ‘Leave’ side, particularly in seats where the electorate has been overwhelmingly Remain-voting,” he said.”

So this was really about people who felt they were left out of the political system.”‘

I’m not going to vote’The study looked at a number more than 1,200 people who did not know what they would do in the event of Brexit.

It found that more than two-thirds of them were either very doubtful about the outcome of the election or would not vote if they did not have to.

For example, almost half of those surveyed were not certain about voting in the referendum, but said they had already voted.

One-third said they were “not likely to do so”, while three-quarters were unsure.”

This is the first time we have looked specifically at people who had voted before the referendum,” Professor Curtis said.

He said it was important to consider the wider implications of people voting for Brexit, because people were “probably more likely” to be in favour if they knew how to make their case to voters.”

We are trying to understand why people voted for this change, what it was really like and what they thought would happen,” he added.

If we want to make sure people understand the potential impact of this change on the future of the country, then this is a really good starting point.”

The researchers say it is important for people who do not support Brexit to be aware of the implications of the decision and to get a better idea of what is actually happening.

Professor Curtise said that there was a lot more work needed to be done to understand what actually went wrong.

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