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Solar system php design How Apple plans to change the way we use our smartphones

How Apple plans to change the way we use our smartphones

By JEREMY HOFFMANAPLAS, Associated Press WriterWASHINGTON — Apple Inc. plans to expand its wireless camera system and expand the capabilities of its iPhone, its most popular phone, with plans to use its new software and new cameras for capturing video.

The company is exploring a range of new and innovative uses for the new hardware, Chief Executive Tim Cook said in a blog post on Monday.

The technology is being explored for such things as security cameras, security guards and other security features, he wrote.

Apple, which has been trying to turn itself into a digital security company for several years, said it will not be using the technology in products that are not designed for such uses.

The company has been experimenting with using the new iPhone cameras for security camera videos.

In February, the company began to integrate its camera systems with its iPhone camera, which allows users to take a photo or video of a person with a virtual camera.

It also launched a new camera app that allows users take a video and send it to a smartphone.

The new iPhone camera features include a wide angle lens, which will allow the user to see in a broader area.

Apple said the new camera system will allow users to shoot videos at various angles, with a variety of angles, so that the user can see the person and the surroundings.

“The new camera features will allow us to capture even more of the people in the scenes we want to,” Cook said.

Apple has been testing the new cameras with security guards in the United States and around the world, and plans to roll out the technology to more than a million guards around the globe.

Apple has begun testing the camera technology in stores to see how it will work.

The system will include both a camera and a sensor for capturing high-definition video, Apple said.

It will also allow users and security guards to record live video using its new FaceTime video calling technology.

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