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By Jim PappasPublished Feb. 08, 2018 10:53:10A GEAL is a major manufacturer of aerial systems and airframes for the U.S. military.

GEAL’s new Advanced Airborne Systems division is building a fleet of new, lightweight airframes designed to lower the center of gravity and lift off vertically.

The system, called Airborne Mobility and Control System (AMPCS), will be based on the Global Hawk fighter and will be ready for combat in 2018.GEAL will be the company behind AMPS for the Airborne Multi-Mission System (AMS) program, which aims to improve the survivability of aircrews flying on fixed wing aircraft by developing lightweight, agile, low-cost airframes.

The AMPS program is one of several in which GEAL, which is based in St. Louis, is developing new designs to support the U:S.

air forces mission to defeat the Islamic State.

The AMPS will have a flight time of less than 60 seconds and is powered by an AMP-1X engine.

The airframe weighs less than 5,000 pounds.

GEAl is currently developing four aircraft, two of which are prototypes and one is in production.

A fifth aircraft will be tested in 2018 and could be a fully functional aircraft.

The Airborne MWS program was first announced by the Department of Defense in 2015.

The new AMPS system, developed by GEAL and the Air Force, will be capable of lowering the center-of-gravity of a single wing airplane and lift it into the air at low altitudes.

The concept has been developed by the GEAL Research & Development Laboratory, which GEA plans to combine with a consortium of other companies.

The new airframes will be designed to operate in environments where pilots need to make quick decisions about whether to land or to take off vertically, or to land and fly back down to their aircraft carrier.

GEal is developing a number of different designs for the AMPS, including a small, lightweight, high-speed version of the AMP 1X, and an AMPS with a much larger wing.GEal’s AMPS could be used for both ground and airborne missions, such as providing airborne fire support to air crews or protecting communications systems in the field.

The aircraft would be mounted on the ground and would operate in a controlled environment.

The idea is that AMPS would allow the military to fly with lighter, more maneuverable aircraft.

A pilot could fly the AMps and quickly land on a platform at the ready, and the pilot would be able to quickly get back on his aircraft and start operating.

The pilot would not have to worry about whether the aircraft is fully loaded with fuel or if it is carrying too much equipment or fuel.

This will enable the pilot to do what he would do when flying an aircraft in a normal, unpressurized environment, said Doug Davenport, GEAL executive vice president of program management.

The goal is to provide a low-stress environment for the pilot and minimize the time it takes to refuel.

In a demonstration video, the AMPs are flown at sea level and at sea-level altitude to demonstrate how low-tech and low-gravity aircraft could operate in combat.

The concept of AMPS was developed by an Air Force team led by Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh, the former chief of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program and the current head of the Air Combat Command.

The U.A.E. has an aircraft carrier in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that can deploy AMPS.

The program will also include the development of a new variant of the system called the AMX.

This variant will be able fly in the low-Earth orbit, which requires a lot of space for AMPS to operate, and it will be more powerful, faster, and more maneuverability than the current system.

The design is a result of a number different factors, according to Davenpase.

The main reason for the development is to make AMPS lighter and more durable, he said.

The design was first presented in 2016 at the International Airshow in London.

The team worked with the Air Forces to determine which airframes were the best candidates to be used.

The system uses a unique wing that is mounted on a lightweight aircraft.

The wing is a flexible, self-anchoring wing with an enclosed ventral area, which makes it more maneuvering, Davenper said.

When a pilot makes a quick maneuver to lower his aircraft to an altitude, he can lean forward and the airframe will lift it vertically.

The wing is also highly maneuverable, which means it can fly in a wide range of flight conditions, Dave said.

In the past, it was not possible to develop a low

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