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Solar system consulting ‘A systemic racism is a system that treats or rewards people based on the color of their skin’: report

‘A systemic racism is a system that treats or rewards people based on the color of their skin’: report

An anti-racism activist says she’s received a number of threats online after calling out systemic racism in the United States.

In a series of tweets Tuesday, Jessica Ellerbe said she received multiple death threats, and one person called her a “racist whore.”

The activist is a member of the Black Lives Matter movement in Philadelphia.

She’s also a professor at University of Pennsylvania and is an organizer of the “Black Lives Matter Philadelphia” protest.

Ellerbe told ABC News that she received a slew of messages saying that she is “a racist whore,” a “whore” and “stupid bitch.”

“I was really scared for my safety and my safety of my family,” she said.

Ellersbe said that one person even wrote that “the world is going to end, so shut your mouth and don’t even think about anything that isn’t about you.”

Ellerboe is the first person to make such a statement about the #BlackLivesMatter movement, which has gained traction across the United Kingdom.

Ellibe has since received dozens of death threats.

In an interview with ABC News, Ellerbets mother, Susan Soto, said she has received several death threats in the past year.

“I’ve received death threats to my house and to my family, so I’ve had a lot of support from friends,” she told ABC.

She said that she also received a threatening email from a man who claimed he would “kill my daughter and her husband if I ever left my house.”

“He said I was going to be raped and I didn’t want him to kill me.

He said I would die if I didn’ t say what he wanted to hear,” Soto said.

In Philadelphia, a woman named Nicole Krieger said she’s been receiving death threats since January.

She said she and her family were “bombarded with hate messages, including death threats from people claiming to be from the KKK, KKK, Ku Klux Klan, all kinds of stuff.”

Krieger, who is also an attorney, told ABC that she’s spoken to law enforcement and has been the subject of police harassment.

She also said she had been receiving threatening messages from people saying she’s a racist.

“It’s scary, it’s terrifying, it just keeps coming at you,” she explained.

Ella-Soto said she plans to meet with the police department about her threats, but added that the threats have caused her a lot anxiety and anxiety.

“What do I do when my daughter is at school?

Do I just have to call the police?” she asked.”

You’ve got to deal with it,” she added.

Ellingbe said the people who threaten her don’t deserve to have her voice heard.

“They don’t understand the importance of my message,” she stressed.

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